Ten Health Benefits of Ajowan Seeds

Have you ever heard of Ajowan seeds? If so, you probably know that these seeds have a wide range of health benefits. If you haven’t heard of them, then let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the Ajowan definition and the top 10 health reasons to take advantage of them.

Ajowan and Ajwain Seeds

Ajowan seeds are commonly referred to as Ajwain seeds, however, the two are actually one in the same. The seeds are often used in the kitchen as a spice for foods, but they also have many medicinal benefits.

These seeds contain high amounts of cumene, cymene, amino acids and limonene, all of which are essential to your health. The seeds also contain traces of different dietary fibers as well as calcium and iron.

Health benefit #1: Treating asthma and coughing

Because Ajowon caraway seeds contain thymol, they make for a great type of local anesthetic. They are excellent for treating sinus problems, which often helps to relieve asthma and coughing symptoms.

Health benefit#2: Good for the heart

Ajowan seeds, as well as Ajowan seed substitute, contain moderate amounts of both niacin and high amounts of thymol, as well as other vitamins, making them perfect for keeping your heart healthy. To keep heart disease at bay, it’s recommended to boil the seeds in hot water and then drink the water on an empty stomach at least once a week.

Health benefit #3: Reducing indigestion

Containing high amounts of thymol makes Ajowan seeds extremely helpful in reducing indigestion. The chemical of thymol helps your body to release gastric juices, which of course helps to speed up and regulate digestion.

Health benefit #4: Great for pregnancy

Ajowan seeds have excellent curative properties, making them perfect for both pregnant and nursing mothers. They can help ward of constipation as well as help mothers maintain healthy levels of blood circulation both during and after pregnancy.

Health benefit #5: Ease arthritis pain

Ajowan seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, which means they can help reduce arthritis pain. To enjoy the relief that the seeds can bring, aching joints should be soaked in a basin of water that has a few seeds in it.

Health benefit #6: Relief from stomachaches

When it comes to stomachaches, Ajowan essential oil is a miracle drug in terms of providing almost instant relief. Best of all, for people who suffer from anorexia, taking 1 tsp of water and Ajowan seed oil can help relieve any associated stomach issues, especially indigestion problems.

Health benefit #7: Relief from earaches

When mixing Ajowan seeds with milk and bringing to a boil, after a few minutes, a couple of drops can be dropped into a hurting ear for immediate relief.

Health benefit #8: Can improve your sex life

Although you probably don’t realize it, Ajowan seeds are an aphrodisiac, meaning they can especially help you in the bedroom. To get the most out of these little seeds for sexual purposes, drink a small amount of the seeds boiled together with milk, tamrind and honey each day.

Health benefit #9: Help dissolve kidney stones

Kidney stones are never fun, but fortunately, when mixing Ajowan oil with honey and vinegar and consuming about a cup a day for 10 days, you can be well on your way to helping your kidney stones dissolve without all the pain of having to pass them.

Health benefit #10: Get rid of the hiccups

Hiccups are never fun either, but at least they are only annoying and not painful like kidney stones. Still yet, it’s good to know that eating a few Ajowan seeds and taking a few sips of water can instantly cure you of the hiccups.

Are you looking for Ajowan seeds?

If you’re looking for Ajowan seeds, whether for cooking or health-related purposes, take comfort in knowing that you won’t have to look very far. In fact, with a quick online search you’ll find three of today’s best Ajowan seed products, which are:

  • Organic Ajwain Seeds by Spicely Organics: You can get a 10 oz bag of these seeds for well under $20. Or if you prefer, you can purchase them in larger quantities, which is perfect if your chef.
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  • Organic Ajwain (Bishop Seed): This small container of Ajowan seeds is perfect for keeping in your kitchen cabinet. It’s shipped and sold by Vedica Organics.
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  • Organic Ajwain Seed: Sold by the Red Onion Spice & Tea Company.
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